3 Articles We Read as a Team This Week (#7)

By August 2, 2016Team Reads

Every week the team at Tiggley reads a few articles about different topics. We love to learn and grow together and we decided it was a good idea to share what we learn with you.


Leadership Is by Choice, Not Chance

Via Lolly Daskal

It’s easy to confuse leadership by position with leadership by decision. When you choose to be a leader in any situation you are in you choose freedom. Powerful people are free.

The Best Kind of Leadership is Self-Leadership

Via Jeff Goins

Nobody likes responsibility because that means there are consequences and accountability. When it comes to our own issues, how often do we blame others or circumstances? The best way to learn leadership is to lead yourself. Be the boss of yourself and hold yourself accountable.

50 Global Entrepreneurs Recommend 50 Books

via Andrew Medal

It’s interesting to know what other people are reading, especially if we look up to them. This is a big list of 50 great books recommended by 50 great people. Some of the books are popular, others you probably haven’t heard of. Surely you’ll get something out of them.

What about you? Did you read any interesting articles this week? Share them in the comments and we may include them in a future Team Reads post!