3 Articles We Read as a Team This Week (#8)

By August 15, 2016Team Reads

Every week the team at Tiggley reads a few articles about different topics. We love to learn and grow together and we decided it was a good idea to share what we learn with you.


Crafting an Effective Marketing Story

Via Investment News

People perceive marketing as a story. If we learn how to tell great stories with our products, placing the consumer in the middle of that story, we are on to something. The article talks about Storybrand, a seven-step marketing approach based on the Hero’s Journey.

Can You Really Power an Organization with Love?

Via Duncan Coombe

Why is love not talked about in the context of work? Duncan Coombe set out to investigate how love is an element of work culture in places like Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines. Then, he gives practical conclusions on how our decisions and performance align to well-being, when we express love at work.

Common Writing Fears

via Ruthanne Reid

Do we have what it takes to call ourselves ______? Whatever you are, a writer, employee, entrepreneur or a little bit of everything, there are fears we must face. In this article, a writer shares three major fears: failure, shame and self-delusion. Sounds like those fears can apply to anything besides writing.