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Nicole Villanueva

Work & Career
July 14, 2016

Stay Focused and Beat Distraction

I have a proposition for you. Can you read this whole article without giving into distractions? For 3 to 5 minutes there are no texts, emails, Facebook, Game of Thrones, nothing. You give this article all your attention and I guarantee you’ll learn something. Focusing on one task at a time has become obsolete. We see it at work, at home and with our friends and family. In some ways it's great. We are more…
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how-to-say-no Tiggley
Relationship & Life
June 26, 2016

Learn How to Say No

With the many channels of communication open to us, we are constantly faced with choices. You’ve just accepted a birthday invitation on Facebook. A friend has texted you, and needs your help moving. At work you have agreed to take part in a new project. And all these commitments start to pile up and it seems it never stops. The problem is you seem to always get yourself in these situations. If only you had…
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Team Reads
June 20, 2016

3 Articles We Read as a Team This Week (#3)

Every week the team at Tiggley reads a few articles about different topics. We love to learn and grow together and we decided it was a good idea to share what we learn with you. Enjoy. How Overthinking Kills Your Productivity & What You Can Do About It via Becky Kane Each day we are faced with a series of choices. From choosing which shoes to wear to choosing which project to tackle at work, we use…
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Work & Career
June 6, 2016

Hunting for Success

The sun is rising. It’s a Tuesday. You do not necessarily want to wake, but you must. Your mind tells you that by choosing to wake up now, your success for the day will be greater. There is plenty to be done before the sun sets. Your mind scans over a list of duties; you must have the proper tools. You will need to gather plenty of water. Make sure to allow plenty of time…
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