10 Minutes a Day to Change your Life


Is it possible to do something everyday for 10 minutes that will change your life?

There are two important factors to that question:

  1. If possible, it would break the assumption that change takes too much time.
  2. Anything you teach yourself to do every day is a powerful force of change.

Take a Hot Second to Think About Your Life

Most people live their lives passively. They just go from one activity to the next, without finding the meaning of anything. If you take a few minutes to think about your life to figure out where you wanna be, you’d have made the first step towards change. The only change that is worth making, is the one that will make you healthier and happier. When you look into your life, you’re not looking for everything you are not, but everything you can be.

Based on James Altucher’s book title Choose Yourself, start by focusing on these 4 categories:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Emotional Health

James calls these the Four Legs of the Daily Practice – each one as crucial as the next. By tackling every single one of these, every single day, and improving even just by 1%, James promises that your life will be completely different six months from now. You can read more about it in detail here, and pick up James’s fantastic book Choose Yourself (a Wall Street Journal bestseller) as well.

Take 20 minutes, write down your goals for each of these categories, and then assign 10 minute tasks that you could do every day, that would get you a step closer to each goal every day. You don’t have to work on all of them every day. You probably won’t be able to anyway. The idea is for you to make progress, no matter how small, in all areas of your life.

Think of your life as a four legged table. Most people live with these legs unbalanced. But when you see your life through this framework, you quickly recognize where you need to adjust.

10 Minutes a Day

Mental Health. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. If everything else fails, your mind can always figure out the way to bring you back up. But your mind is a muscle that needs training. For 10 minutes a day, write down your ideas. Even the crazy ones. Read. A lot. Read stuff you normally don’t read. Learn a new word every day. Learn a few words in a different language. Watch a documentary. Anything that keeps your brain creatively busy is great for you.

Physical Health. You can imagine what this is. There are hundreds of 10-minute workout routines you can do everyday. You can do them at home, with no equipment, if you are confined to a bed. There is no excuse for not staying active. However, slightly more important than your physical activity, is what you eat. You can exercise until you faint, but if you eat junk, you’ll never feel right. Educate yourself on what food does to your body. Learn how to cook. Here’s the short version: If it’s creamy, sugary or you can buy it at the gas station, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Spiritual Health. Regardless of your religion, you can be a spiritual person and be healthier. Practice gratitude and forgiveness. You don’t need to be jealous or to hold a grudge. It’s a waste of time. Do your best and love yourself for who you are, and everything else is crap. If you pay attention to your spiritual health, you’ll become an insightful person. You will grow in wisdom, and you will become confident in your decisions. Take 10 minutes of your day to write down reasons why you’re grateful. When you’re finished, think of a way to forgive that person who wronged you. Even if you only forgive them in your head. Take 10 minutes to think about what makes you awesome. If you don’t know why you are awesome, talk to our life coaches. We’ll help you discover it.

Emotional Health. An emotionally healthy person can name the emotion they’re feeling. Most importantly, they know why they’re feeling it. And even more importantly, they know it’s the right emotion to be feeling. That’s your goal here. To become aware of your emotions, notice the triggers and learn the sound of your inner voice. Take 10 minutes every day to think about a highlighted emotion of that day. It could be anger, or nostalgia, or happiness. Then rewind the moment and see where it came from. Try to remember what kind of thoughts you were having. Were you ruining it for yourself? Were you being realistic?

Take it to the Next Level

At Tiggley we want you to be the best person you can be. We think if you do these 10 minute things every day, you will have a better life. But if you want more, you should talk to a life coach. Not only will you have an accountability partner for your journey, you’ll also discover things about yourself that you probably couldn’t have discovered on your own, or it would’ve taken longer.

Talk to us and we’ll set you up with a free first session with a professional certified coach. You’re gonna love it.

This article was based on a question from Quora. The original thread is called What can I do for 10 minutes every day that will change my life?