Do you need a life coach?

By September 19, 2016Coaching

Working with a coach can be one of the best decisions of your life. A great coach will help you see your life for how strong you are. Your coach will ask you questions and listen to you. Every once in a while she’ll help you define a situation so you see it as it is. Your coach can give you insights that have been sitting in front of you, but never realized it.

But how do you know if you need a coach? While we think everyone can benefit from being coached, some people may be in a situation where they need it more than others. Think of it as exercise. Everybody could use some exercising, but some people need it more than others.

So if you’ve wondered if a life coach is for you, you’re reading the right article.

In the fashion of good coaching, we’re gonna ask you a few questions. See if you’ve ever asked them yourself. If you have, it’s possible you’ll like working with a life or career coach.

Do I Have a Goal I’ve Putting off for a While?

Maybe it’s starting a blog or losing weight. Or you have this awesome business idea, but for some reason or another, you haven’t been able to get it started. If that’s the case, a coach may have the tools you need to remove your obstacles.

Your first few coaching sessions involve getting to know you. Our coaches have assessment tools to figure out what makes your life move. A lot of it has to do with your attitude towards your current situation and the way you make decisions. In that process, you’ll see where your obstacles come from. Once you see them, your coach will help you see the solution.

It might be as simple as a change in your environment, or as complex as developing a habit or working through personal convictions. The point is to reach for your higher goals.

Getting rid of obstacles will be a major part of your coaching sessions. How awesome would it be to see the road ahead clearly? With nothing to stop you, no walls between you and your goal.

Why Do I Struggle with Making Decisions?

If you ask yourself this question, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with making decisions. Big or small, if decisions paralyze you, a life coach might be a great fit for you.

One of the reasons you might struggle taking decisions is confusion. It’s that voice in your head that tells you any decision you make is both right and wrong. That voice that says the risk ‘s too big and fills your head with what if questions:

  • What if you’re wrong?
  • What if there’s a better option out there?
  • What if this isn’t what you want?
  • What if you wait and see if it gets sorted out by itself?

If that sounds like you, a life coach can help you use that inner voice to empower you, rather than to cripple you.

The thing with your inner voice is that most times it shouts lies. Here’s the truth:

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Your life coach will help you hear what’s underneath the noise, so you know what you truly want and see how you can get it. Making decisions is easy when you know what you want, and most importantly, who you are.

What’s Next for Me?

Maybe you are a successful person. Perhaps you are doing great at work and your friends and family, and romantic life are so perfect. Everything seems to be in place but… why does it feel so boring?

This happens to a lot of people.

The issue here is your definition of success. Many people may look at your life and only dream to reach the level of success you have. But that’s success for them, not you. You are different. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

A life coach will help you find the root of your dissatisfaction and your definition of success.

Maybe you don’t measure success with dollars or job titles. Maybe you see success as an internal thing, but that’s where things can get confusing. Either way, your life coach can help you figure it out.

Take the Next Step

If you saw yourself in any of these questions, we’d love to give you a free coaching session. This way you’ll see what we’re talking about and decide if coaching is for you. Contact us to find out what’s the best option for you. You’ll be glad you did.