Hunting for Success

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The sun is rising. It’s a Tuesday. You do not necessarily want to wake, but you must. Your mind tells you that by choosing to wake up now, your success for the day will be greater. There is plenty to be done before the sun sets. Your mind scans over a list of duties; you must have the proper tools. You will need to gather plenty of water. Make sure to allow plenty of time…

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3 Articles We Read as a Team This Week (#1)

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Every week the Tiggley team reads a few articles about all kinds of topics. We love to learn and grow together and we decided it was a good idea to share what we learn with you. Enjoy. 33 Thoughts on reading via Austin Kleon We can all benefit from reading more, but somehow we don’t always find the time. In this article, Austin Kleon, author of Steal like an Artist, shares some of his thoughts about…

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3 Essential Steps for Reaching Financial Success

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Many people define success in terms of financial progress and often set goals centered around increasing their income. What most people tend to forget is that money is not necessarily the goal that will propel them towards their desires. Each worthwhile goal needs a basis for achievement, otherwise it becomes unattainable. Successful people have figured out that there are three essential steps to reach financial success: having clearly defined reasons for wanting to prosper, a…

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Life Coaching Tiggley

What you should know about life coaching

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“A life coach?”, she tilted her head in confusion. “Why would I want someone to tell me what to do? How would they know what’s best for me?” The idea of working with a life coach may sound confusing or even ridiculous to a lot of people. But the numbers say that coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., yielding as much as a 4 to 1 return on investment. Not…

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Career Coach Tiggley

A career coach for your career change

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When was the last time your job felt like it was for you? You know the feeling. It’s something like being bored with being comfortable. You might feel like: Your tasks aren’t challenging anymore The results you produce don’t feel meaningful You’re overqualified, but there’s simply no way to get promoted (not that you really want that promotion anyway). Can you imagine? A couple more years doing this?No way. Not you. A Career Change is…

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